American Love Story

American Love Story
by Butch Walker


parental advisory - explicit content
1. The Singer1:41 
2. GridlockParental Advisory - Explicit Content4:31 
3. Flyover StateParental Advisory - Explicit Content3:19 
4. 6Ft Middle-Age American Man2:38 
5. Fuck It (I Don't Like Love)Parental Advisory - Explicit Content3:15 
6. Divided States of America1:57 
7. Out in the Open4:50 
8. Torn in the USAParental Advisory - Explicit Content4:15 
9. Blinded by the White0:35 
10. Everything White2:34 
11. Pretty CrazyParental Advisory - Explicit Content4:10 
12. You Gotta' Be Just Who You Are4:00 
13. Forgot to Say I Love You5:53 

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