All The Greatest Hits

All The Greatest Hits
by Zapp & Roger


1. More Bounce To The Ounce5:13 
2. Be Alright2:44 
3. I Heard It Through The Grapevine6:49 
4. So Ruff, So Tuff3:36 
5. Do It Roger5:18 
6. Dance Floor5:14 
7. Doo Wa Ditty [Blow That Thing]3:45 
8. I Can Make You Dance3:59 
9. Heartbreaker [Part I, Part II]4:16 
10. In The Mix3:29 
11. Midnight Hour [Live '93 Remix]5:09 
12. Computer Love4:44 
13. Night And Day ['93 Remix]3:08 
14. I Want To Be Your Man4:10 
15. Curiosity ['93 Remix]4:28 
16. Slow And Easy5:11 
17. Mega Medley4:09 

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