1. Carter Son2:44 
2. Time I'm On3:12 
3. Hot Now2:08 
4. Seeming Like It3:05 
5. Self Control3:06 
6. Make No Sense2:29 
7. Rich As Hell3:35 
8. Slime Mentality3:02 
9. Head Blown3:02 
10. Ranada2:57 
11. Lonely Child3:38 
12. Gang Shit2:41 
13. Rebels Kick It3:14 
14. Outta Here Safe (feat. Quando Rondo and NoCap)3:53 
15. In Control3:01 
16. I Don't Know3:05 
17. Where The Love At3:17 
18. Free Time2:56 

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