by 80's Dj Picks


1. One Thing Leads to Another (Re-Recorded)3:08 
2. Poison Arrow (Re-Recorded)3:26 
3. Total Eclipse of the Heart (Re-Recorded)4:35 
4. Boom, Boom (Let's Go Back to My Room) [Re-Recorded]4:41 
5. Maniac (Flashdance) [Re-Recorded]4:19 
6. Make a Circuit Me (Re-Recorded)2:56 
7. Electric Avenue3:18 
8. Lean on Me (Re-Recorded)4:49 
9. Tainted Love (Re-Recorded)3:11 
10. In a Big Country (Live)5:46 
11. Puttin' on the Ritz (Re-Recorded)4:42 
12. I Ran (So Far Away) [Re-Recorded]5:02 
13. You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) [Re-Recorded]4:28 
14. I Want Candy (Re-Recorded)2:42 
15. Bathroom Wall (Re-Recorded)3:42 
16. Every Rose Has It's Thorn 4:50 
17. I Eat Cannibals (Re-Recorded)3:47 
18. Joy Stick (Re-Recorded)5:37 
19. Working for the Weekend (Re-Recorded)3:58 
20. Love Will Tear Us Apart (1980 Martin Hannett Tapes)3:17 
21. Only the Lonely (Re-Recorded)3:14 
22. Love Is a Battlefield4:54 
23. Walking in L.A. (Re-Recorded)3:59 
24. Let It Whip (Re-Recorded)4:43 
25. Bette Davis Eyes (Re-Recorded)3:45 
26. 867-5309 / Jenny (Re-Recorded)3:48 
27. Send Me an Angel (Re-Recorded)3:57 
28. Living on Video (Re-Recorded)3:30 
29. You Shook Me All Night Long3:38 
30. Round & Round (Re-Recorded)4:32 
31. Cherry Pie (Re-Recorded)3:07 
32. Dream Warriors (Re-Recorded)4:46 
33. Sun Is Shining (Remastered)2:18 
34. Pass the Dutchie (Re-Recorded)3:41 
35. Situations (Re-Recorded)4:03 
36. Every Day Is Halloween6:25 
37. Desire (Come and Get It) [Re-Recorded]4:21 
38. Dancing in Heaven2:40 
39. Metro (Re-Recorded)4:20 
40. I Think We're Alone Now (Re-Recorded)3:45 
41. Der Kommissar (Re-Recorded)4:05 
42. Flashdance...What a Feelin' (Re-Recorded)4:04 
43. You're My One and Only (True Love) [Re-Recorded]4:37 
44. What's on Your Mind (Pure Energy) [Re-Recorded]4:39 
45. I Melt with You (Re-Recorded)3:54 
46. Oh Yeah3:04 
47. Walking on Sunshine3:39 
48. The Promise (Re-Recorded)3:36 
49. Don't Stop Believin' (Re-Recorded)4:18 
50. Eye of the Tiger4:00 
1. Just a Friend (Re-Recorded)4:10 
2. Treat 'Em Right (Re-Recored)4:39 
3. White Lines (Re-Recorded)7:45 
4. Wild Wild West (Re-Recorded)4:44 
5. I'm Not Having It (Re-Recorded)3:33 
6. Cutie Pie (Re-Recorded)5:47 
7. The Breaks (Re-Recorded)4:02 
8. Jam on It (Re-Recorded)8:36 
9. Hangin' on a String (Re-Recorded)5:53 
10. Let the Music Play (Re-Recorded)5:59 
11. Ice Ice Baby (Re-Recorded)4:15 
12. The Message (Re-Recorded)4:25 
13. Oh Sheila (Re-Recorded)4:02 
14. Supersonic (Re-Recorded)3:53 
15. Why You Treat Me so Bad (Re-Recorded)5:14 
16. Meeting in the Ladies Room (Re-Recorded)8:12 
17. I Got It Made (Re-Recorded)3:43 
18. Funky Cold Medina (Re-Recorded)4:10 
19. Just a Touch of Love (Re-Recorded)3:48 
20. Fascinated (Re-Recorded)4:43 
21. Mentirosa (Re-Recorded)4:22 
22. Roxanne's Revenge (Re-Recorded)4:59 
23. Do Me Baby (Re-Recorded)5:18 
24. I Wonder If I Take You Home (Re-Recorded)6:47 
25. It Takes Two (Re-Recorded)4:59 
26. I Go to Work (Re-Recorded)4:38 
27. Human Beat Box (Re-Recorded)2:18 
28. The Roof Is on Fire (Re-Recorded)5:35 
29. Don't Stop the Rock (Re-Recorded)5:30 
30. Wild Thing (Re-Recorded)4:23 
31. Prime Mover (Re-Recorded)3:12 
32. Sister Christian (Live)5:16 
33. Take My Breath My Away (Re-Recorded)4:09 
34. Missing You (Re-Recorded)3:48 
35. She Talks in Stereo (Re-Recorded)0:45 
36. Wouldn't It Be Good (Re-Recorded)4:51 
37. Suddenly Last Summer (Re-Recorded)3:42 
38. Every Time You Go Away (Re-Recorded)4:35 
39. You Should Hear How She Talks About You (Re-Recorded)4:31 
40. Honestly (Re-Recorded)3:58 
41. Stigmata (Re-Recorded)5:51 
42. Holding out for a Hero (Re-Recorded)6:12 
43. Africa4:20 
44. The Ballad of Jayne (Re-Recorded)5:19 
45. Angel of the Morning (Re-Recorded)4:17 
46. Lost in Your Eyes (Re-Recorded)3:38 
47. When the Children Cry (Re-Recorded)3:53 
48. Heat of the Moment (Live)5:13 
49. We Built This City (Re-Recorded)6:04 
50. In the Air Tonight5:01 

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