1. Teeth3:25 
2. Die A Little2:53 
3. fuck, i'm lonelyParental Advisory - Explicit Content3:19 
4. Severed4:04 
Not Available
5. Swim Home3:06 
6. Another Summer Night Without You2:38 
7. Miss U3:06 
8. Favorite DrugParental Advisory - Explicit Content3:29 
9. Keeping It In The Dark3:28 
10. Young Forever4:04 
Not Available
11. All ThatParental Advisory - Explicit Content2:54 
12. This Baby Don’t CryParental Advisory - Explicit Content3:04 
13. Walk Forever By My Side3:57 
Not Available
15. All Your Life4:25 
Not Available
16. Culture3:13 
Not Available
17. Still Want To Be HereParental Advisory - Explicit Content3:53 
Not Available
18. Ordinary World4:06 

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