1. Witch's Cat on the Prowl (Animal) [Horror]0:06 
2. Ghost Flies by in a Darkened Castle (Scary) [Horror]0:07 
3. Creatures in a Haunted House (Scary) [Horror]0:07 
4. Werewolf Growl (Animal) [Horror]0:07 
5. Werewolf Snarl (Animal) [Horror]0:07 
6. Dangerous Creatures in the Night (Animal) [Horror]0:07 
7. Axe Murderer on the Loose (Scary) [Horror]0:06 
8. The Bats in the Belfry Fly Free at Night (Scary) [Horror]0:32 
9. The Raven's Caw at Midnight (Bird) [Horror]0:06 
10. Banshee Wail and Scream (Scary) [Horror]0:06 
11. Scream of Panic and Fear (Scary) [Horror]0:06 
12. Scream of Pain and Horror (Scary)0:06 
13. Wailing Scream of Despair (Scary) [Horror]0:06 
14. Strangled Screaming (Scary) [Horror]0:30 
15. Female Teenager Terrified Scream (Scary) [Horror]0:10 
16. Scared and Really Scared Scream (Scary) [Horror]0:07 
17. Hanging Strangled Scream of Death (Scary) [Horror]0:15 
18. The Village Has Been Invaded by Zombies Scream (Scary) [Horror]0:20 
19. Ghost Creature Breathing (Scary) [Horror]0:30 
20. Echoing Supernatural Voices (Scary) [Horror]0:38 
21. Hound of the Baskervilles on the Loose (Scary) [Horror]0:06 
22. Castle Turret Ghost Moan (Scary) [Horror]0:06 
23. Unhappy Spirits Among Us (Scary) [Horror]0:07 
24. The Giant Monster Approaches (Scary) [Horror]0:17 
25. Growling Demon Beast (Scary) [Horror]0:13 
26. Evil Laughing Demon Beast (Scary) [Horror]0:06 
27. Eerie Wail and Spooky Echo (Scary) [Horror]0:06 
28. Giant Wolf Growling Breath (Scary) [Horror]0:07 
29. Ghostly Presense Shimmering (Scary) [Horror]0:06 
30. Whispering Evil Spells (Scary) [Horror]0:06 
31. Maniacal Laughter (Scary) [Horror]0:08 
32. Wolf Growling Snarl (Scary) [Horror]0:07 
33. Howling at the Full Moon (Scary) [Horror]0:06 
34. Garbled Evil Incantation (Scary) [Horror]0:06 
35. Ripping and Tearing Zombie Flesh (Scary) [Horror]0:06 
36. Final Gasps for Air (Scary) [Horror]0:07 
37. Deep Giant Echoing Laugh (Scary) [Horror]0:06 
38. Warning from Beyond the Grave (Scary) [Horror]0:12 
39. Vampires Want to Drink Your Blood (Scary) [Horror]0:16 
40. Dramatic Screechy Orchestra Accent (Scary) [Horror]0:06 
41. Dramatic Orchestra Hit (Scary) [Horror]0:07 
42. Suspense Orchestra Hit (Scary) [Horror]0:06 
43. Psycho Shower Horror String Stab (Scary)0:08 
44. Surprise Horror Musical Stab (Scary)0:07 
45. Eating the Flesh of the Fallen (Scary) [Horror]0:10 
46. Dracula Bats Skittering Chatter (Scary) [Horror]0:13 
47. Electric Chair Shock (Scary) [Horror]0:06 
48. Mad Scientist Harness Lightning Power (Scary) [Horror]0:39 
49. Burning the House Down (Scary) [Fire]0:37 
50. Gusting Flame in the Wind (Scary) [Horror]0:06 
51. Deep Evil Mocking Laughter (Scary) [Horror]0:05 
52. Smashing Glass Window (Scary) [Horror]0:06 
53. Crazy Scientist Test Tube Crash (Scary) [Horror]0:06 
54. Stone Casket Lid Scraping (Scary) [Horror]0:05 
55. Bottomless Pit Hit and Echo (Scary) [Horror]0:06 
56. Splintering Wood Crash (Scary) [Horror]0:07 
57. Torture Power Drill (Scary) [Horror]0:17 
58. Squeaking and Creaking Haunted House Door (Scary) [Horror]0:09 
59. Interior Castle Door Groan and Shut (Scary) [Horror]0:08 
60. Slow Creaking Wooden Door (Scary) [Horror]0:19 
61. Wood Coffin Heavy Drop and Splinter (Scary) [Horror]0:06 
62. Breaking out of a Closed Grave (Scary) [Horror]0:09 
63. Guillotine Drop and Chop (Scary) [Horror]0:06 
64. Crackle of Coffin Dead Bones (Scary) [Horror]0:06 
65. Skull Crushing Vice Grip (Scary) [Horror]0:07 
66. Sword Swing and Slice Through Body (Scary) [Horror]0:06 
67. Hit and Twist of the Knife (Scary) [Horror]0:09 
68. Guillotine Decapitation "Off with His Head" (Scary) [Horror]0:05 
69. Cursed Knife Stab to the Heart (Scary) [Horror]0:06 
70. Multiple Stab Wounds (Scary) [Horror]0:07 
71. Snapping Bone Break (Scary) [Horror]0:05 
72. Sawing Through Bone and Flesh (Scary) [Horror]0:09 
73. Sword Decapitation and Blood Lust (Scary) [Horror]0:07 
74. Booming and Echoing Sound from the Depths (Scary) [Horror]0:06 
75. Quick Beating Heart Approaches (Scary) [Horror]1:14 
76. Whiplash and Painful Scream (Scary) [Horror]0:19 
77. Thunder Clap and Roll (Scary) [Horror]0:16 
78. Lighting Strike and Thunder Roll over the Castle (Scary) [Horror]0:08 
79. It Was a Dark and Stormy Halloween Night (Scary) [Horror]0:20 
80. Ghostly Whoosh of Spirit Wind (Scary) [Horror]0:09 
81. Howling Desert Wind (Scary) [Horror]0:14 
82. Vampire Tortured Hiss (Scary) [Horror]0:06 
83. Panic Attack (Scary) [Horror]0:19 
84. Church Tower Bell Tolling (Scary) [Horror]0:30 
85. Acid Bath of Torture (Scary) [Horror]0:45 
86. Acid Eating Flesh (Scary) [Horror]0:06 
87. Creaking Cymbal Ring Ambience (Scary) [Horror]0:52 
88. Dark Ghost Whispering (Scary) [Horror]0:06 
89. Multi Tone Phantom (Scary) [Horror]0:07 
90. Evil Creature Breath (Scary) [Horror]0:07 
91. Fantasy Chime Ring (Scary) [Horror]0:08 
92. Deep Midnight Ghost Passages (Scary) [Horror]0:13 
93. Eerie Background Tone Sound (Scary) [Horror]0:55 
94. Flash Past Whoosh (Scary) [Horror]0:06 
95. Reverberating Shimmer (Scary) [Horror]0:08 
96. Breathtaking Shimmer (Scary) [Horror]0:07 
97. Zombie Grunt (Scary) [Horror]0:07 
98. Zombie Growl (Scary) [Horror]0:06 
99. Mad Scientist Lab Background (Scary) [Horror]0:19 
100. Swirling Evil Spirits (Scary) [Horror]1:07 

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